Dear Friend,

I can still remember till this day taking my very first Java class, “Intro to Computer Science” when I was 16 years old. I failed the class horribly, with a big FAT F. I did not fail the class because I was not capable of learning to code, instead, I failed the class because I had a terrible instructor.

He gave up half-way through the course, and just made us recite programs until we had every single word memorized!

Say it with me:

public static void main(String[] args){}

This was a horrible experience! I ended up hating programming for the next 4 years and started to drift in an endless loop. This is one of the worst decisions that I have EVER made in my career.

I did get back into programming 4 years later, this is when I was finally told what Software Development really is, and with the help of many instructors and engineers, I sharpened my mind and created an awesome career that allows me to work from just about anywhere in the world, earn as much money as I want and get the opportunity to work with people that value my skills as a programmer. This is a truly rewarding career not just financially but also emotionally.

Why am I telling you this? I want to let you into my little secret on how I was able to make up for not programming for over 4 years, and jump straight to the top and charge $150 per hour for writing code.

Before I tell you exactly *”How I did it”*, I want to tell you a quick story. I’m not a developer that fits into a “mold” when you think of a Software Developer, I don’t come to mind. Here’s exactly why that is:

  • 3rd World Immigrant
  • Single Parent – (Love You Mom)
  • Low Poverty Background
  • Personally, Hate Computers
  • Failed Algebra in High School

I had found myself being 20 years old living in a house with 6 roommates barely scraping by enough money to pay my bills. This was one of the WORST FEELINGS EVER! If I kept doing what I was doing, I knew that my life was going down the path of failure and I would have probably started to drink, get some girl pregnant and go into debt. Goodbye Life… I knew that I had to change, and I had to make the change quickly.

By all means possible, I should of had failed at life but instead I knew that I had to get to work, I rolled up my sleeves and started learning Computer Science in the most *painful* way that you can think of by going to college and digging into OpenCourseWare that I found online, I can still remember till this day learning LISP in the course MIT 6.001 and hacking on the problem set forCS50.

All of this lessons were great! but they were not helping me get paid in any way.

Employers want to see EXPERIENCE + Modern Technology

Blank Text Editor

I had a major chunk of the Computer Science theory down but I was not able to bridge the gap between theory and application. I would just sit there, and my mind would go blank looking at my text editor. I was not able to pull things together and create real useful programs.

If you talk to any experienced programmer and you asked them how you can become a better programmer you will get the same response over and over again, PRACTICE!

When I first moved here to the U.S.A I was told the following.

Everyone has the option to an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

Rick in Mexico

If you are reading this words right now. This has CHANGED! The opportunity is not just here in the U.S.A anymore. It’s anywhere in the world! I know this for a fact, I spent an entire 4 months traveling all over the world.

If you have an internet connection and can think for yourself, you already have everything you need. – Rick H.

You see I have an epic passion for helping others succeed, the reason for this is because I have bled years of wasted effort learning to code, I don’t want to see you go through that pain.

If someone would have shown me how to become a programmer at 18, and walked me step-by-step through what I know today…

It would easily have saved me countless years of struggle, frustration, and rejection

I truly believe with the right information anyone anywhere can reach their wildest dreams of creating what they envision. – Rick H.

This is why I put it all together for you in this one of a kind all-in-one training program I wish I’d had back when I was 18 years old.